SubscriberTicketTParameter, TReturn, TDelegate Class

Represents an subscriber with the type of parameter, return code, and delegate specified.


Namespace: SecretNest.MessageBus
Assembly: SecretNest.MessageBus.DirectRelease (in SecretNest.MessageBus.DirectRelease.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public class SubscriberTicket<TParameter, TReturn, TDelegate> : SubscriberTicketBase<TDelegate>
Object    SubscriberTicketBase    SubscriberTicketBaseTDelegate    SubscriberTicketTParameter, TReturn, TDelegate

Type Parameters

The type of the parameter.
The type of the return code.
The type of the delegate.


SubscriberTicketTParameter, TReturn, TDelegate Initializes an instance of SubscriberTicket.


Handler Gets the instance of the delegate.
(Inherited from SubscriberTicketBaseTDelegate)
Id Gets the id of this subscriber.
(Inherited from SubscriberTicketBase)
IsAsync Gets whether the delegate is async version.
(Inherited from SubscriberTicketBase)
MessageNameMatcher Gets the instance of message name matcher.
(Inherited from SubscriberTicketBase)
Options Gets the instance of subscriber options provided with subscriber registration.
OptionsGeneric Gets the generic instance of subscriber options provided with subscriber registration.
(Overrides SubscriberTicketBaseOptionsGeneric)
ParameterType Gets the type of the parameter.
(Overrides SubscriberTicketBaseParameterType)
ReturnValueType Gets the type of the return value.
(Overrides SubscriberTicketBaseReturnValueType)


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