MessageBusSubscriberOptionsTParameter Class

Stores options that configure the subscriber operation of MessageBus.


Namespace: SecretNest.MessageBus.Options
Assembly: SecretNest.MessageBus.DirectRelease (in SecretNest.MessageBus.DirectRelease.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public class MessageBusSubscriberOptions<TParameter> : MessageBusSubscriberOptionsBase
Object    MessageBusSubscriberOptionsBase    MessageBusSubscriberOptionsTParameter

Type Parameters

The type of the parameter.


MessageBusSubscriberOptionsTParameter Initializes an instance of MessageBusSubscriberOptions.


ArgumentConvertingCallback Gets the callback for argument conversion.
ConditionCheckingCallback Gets the callback for condition checking.
(Inherited from MessageBusSubscriberOptionsBase)
IsAlwaysExecution Gets whether the subscriber should be executed regardless of the result of the subscribers those have been executed by this instance.
(Inherited from MessageBusSubscriberOptionsBase)
IsFinal Gets whether message should be returned instead of executing subsequent subscribers.
(Inherited from MessageBusSubscriberOptionsBase)
Sequence Gets the sequence number of this subscriber when executing.
(Inherited from MessageBusSubscriberOptionsBase)


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