MessageNameMatchingWithRegularExpression Class

Indicates the message name should be compared by regular expression.


Namespace: SecretNest.MessageBus.MessageNameMatching
Assembly: SecretNest.MessageBus.DirectRelease (in SecretNest.MessageBus.DirectRelease.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public class MessageNameMatchingWithRegularExpression : MessageNameMatcherBase
Object    MessageNameMatcherBase    MessageNameMatchingWithRegularExpression


MessageNameMatchingWithRegularExpression Initializes an instance of MatchingWithRegularExpression.


RegularExpression Gets the message name pattern of the subscriber.
SubscriberMessageNamePattern Gets the message name pattern of the subscriber.
(Overrides MessageNameMatcherBaseSubscriberMessageNamePattern)


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IsComplied Checks whether the message name specified by publisher registering process is complied with the subscriber required.
(Overrides MessageNameMatcherBaseIsComplied(String))
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