MessageBusPublisherOptionsTParameter, TReturn Constructor

Initializes an instance of MessageBusPublisherOptions.


Namespace: SecretNest.MessageBus.Options
Assembly: SecretNest.MessageBus.DirectRelease (in SecretNest.MessageBus.DirectRelease.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public MessageBusPublisherOptions(
	TReturn defaultReturnValue = null,
	bool isAlwaysExecuteAll = false,
	Func<TParameter, Object?>? argumentConvertingCallback = null,
	Func<Object?, TReturn>? returnValueConvertingCallback = null


defaultReturnValue  TReturn  (Optional)
The default value for publisher returning.
isAlwaysExecuteAll  Boolean  (Optional)
Whether all subscribers should be executed regardless of the result of the subscribers those have been executed by this instance.
argumentConvertingCallback  FuncTParameter, Object  (Optional)
The callback for argument conversion.
returnValueConvertingCallback  FuncObject, TReturn  (Optional)
The callback for return value conversion.

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